Airbus A330-343, G-VKSS, 19 January 2013

Airbus A330-343 (G-VKSS), multiple bird strikes on takeoff from Orlando International Airport, USA, 19 January 2013.

Airbus A330-343, G-VKSS


The aircraft was in the initial climb, passing 530 ft agl after takeoff from Runway 35L, when it was struck by birds which impacted the fan blades of the left and right engines as well as the nose of the aircraft. Both engines were damaged and the left engine was shut down by the crew because the engine oil pressure indicated zero. The aircraft returned to Runway 36R and carried out an uneventful single-engine landing. One Safety Recommendation related to the indication of engine oil pressure has been made.

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Airbus A330-343, G-VKSS 09-13.pdf (393.80 kb)

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Safety Recommendation Document: Airbus A330-343, G-VKSS

Published 10 December 2014