AAIB investigation to Stemme S10-V, G-BXGZ

Aircraft struck boggy ground and pitched nose- down on takeoff, Lasham Airfield, Hampshire, 2 April 2016


The aircraft had initially planned to take off on the tarmac Runway 09 but was asked by the Launch Point Controller to use the grass by the side of Runway 16. The pilot repositioned the aircraft to the right of Runway 16 and began his takeoff roll. The aircraft accelerated as usual up to the point when it was about to become airborne. At this point, the wheels hit a “boggy / very soft area of grass” leading to a rapid deceleration, causing the aircraft to pitch down and for the nose and propeller to strike the ground.

Both the pilot and passenger were wearing full harnesses and escaped uninjured. The pilot was not aware of the condition of the grass before takeoff and the reported wind conditions were 10-15 kt from 160°.

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Stemme S10-V, G-BXGZ 08-16

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Published 11 August 2016