AAIB investigation to Silent 2 Electro, G-CIYA

Crashed during initial climb after self-launch, Husbands Bosworth, 19 October 2015.


During the initial climb following a self-launch, the aircraft entered an incipient spin. One wing struck the roof of a farm building, before the other wing and fuselage impacted the ground. The pilot was seriously injured. The investigation did not reveal any malfunction or defect to account for the accident. Although the pilot was experienced and current in light aircraft, gliders and motor-gliders, he had not flown the aircraft type before.

The aircraft was fitted with a ballistic parachute recovery system which had not been activated. The investigation highlighted a number of issues concerning such systems which present a risk to the aircraft occupants and first responders following an accident.

One Safety Recommendation has been made.

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Silent 2 Electro, G-CIYA 07-16

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Safety Recommendation document: Silent 2 Electro, G-CIYA

Published 14 July 2016