AAIB investigation to Spitfire MkT IX Spitfire, G-ILDA

Landing gear collapse due to crosswind and runway surface, Goodwood Aerodrome, Sussex, 16 July 2018.


The aircraft had landed on Runway 14 at Goodwood after completing a passenger flight. As the aircraft was slowing, the pilot became aware that it had started to deviate from the centre line towards the left side of the runway, which he attempted to gently correct by braking. As he did so the aircraft veered to the right, into wind. Despite the application of full left rudder and brake, the aircraft rotated through 90° and the left main landing gear collapsed. The pilot made the aircraft safe and he and his passenger vacated the aircraft having sustained no injuries. The pilot considers the combination of the crosswind and unusually poor runway surface were contributory factors in this accident.

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Spitfire MkT IX Spitfire, G-ILDA 01-19

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Published 10 January 2019