AAIB investigation to RAF 2000 GTX-SE, G-CCUH

Lost control on landing, Goodwood Aerodrome, Sussex, 9 July 2018.


The pilot was returning to Goodwood after landing at another aerodrome. As he approached Runway 24, he noticed that his landing was going to be on or just before a patch of worn grass. Although this patch was flat and suitable for the landing, he decided to add power to ensure the aircraft landed beyond it. The addition of power increased the speed of the aircraft, which then touched down faster than the pilot had intended. He attempted to slow the aircraft by aft movement of the stick but the aircraft became light on its wheels. This combined with some steering applied for the crosswind from the left combined to make the aircraft swerve and it started to fall onto its side. The rotor and propeller then both contacted the ground, causing the aircraft move violently before coming to rest on its left side. The pilot was seriously injured and the aircraft was damaged beyond repair.

Although the pilot was able to release his harness and turn off the ignition he was unable to vacate the aircraft unaided due to his injuries and had to await the assistance of the emergency services.

The pilot commented that spending some time flying with an instructor might have been beneficial to all aspects of his flying.

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RAF 2000 GTX-SE, G-CCUH 01-19

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Published 10 January 2019