AAIB investigation to Robin DR 400-180, F-GSBM and SAS Wildthing (UAS, registration n/a)

Mid-air collision with a radio-controlled model glider, near Shoreham Airport, West Sussex, 30 April 2015.


A Robin DR400 (F-GSBM) was descending on base leg to land on Runway 20 at Shoreham when its right wing struck a radio-controlled model glider. The Robin suffered minor damage and landed safely. The pilot of the Robin had not seen the glider and the pilot of the glider had not heard or seen the Robin approaching until it was too late to take avoiding action. The model glider is considered to be an unmanned aircraft and the Civil Aviation Authority and the European Aviation Safety Agency are considering new regulations on the operation of small light-weight unmanned aircraft. In the meantime, the Shoreham airport operator is taking steps to increase pilots’ awareness of the model gliding site, located 1 nm from the Runway 20 threshold, near the turn from base leg to final.

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Robin DR 400-180 F-GSBM and model glider 01-16

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Published 14 January 2016