AAIB investigation to Piper PA-28-161 Cherokee Warrior II, G-BSBA

Loss of control on landing, Sandown Airfield, Isle of Wight, 17 August 2017.


The pilot and two passengers were flying from Fairoaks Airport to Sandown Airfield. The pilot reported that on the final approach for grass Runway 23, the aircraft was ‘fairly high’, but decided to continue with the approach with the intent of landing slightly ‘further down the runway’, which the pilot considered would help avoid ‘chop’ whilst overflying trees on the approach. The reported wind was from 240° at 15 kt. As the pilot flared the aircraft for touchdown, she realised that she had initiated the manoeuvre too early and that the aircraft was still several feet above the runway and at a low airspeed. The aircraft then descended and bounced, at which point the pilot applied engine power to attempt to go around. The aircraft did not climb and veered to the left. It departed the left side of the runway and crossed a taxiway before striking a wire fence and wooden post before the pilot turned the aircraft back towards the runway. The passenger seated in the front right seat, who was also a pilot, took control and manoeuvred the aircraft onto the adjacent taxiway where the aircraft was brought to a stop.

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Published 12 October 2017