AAIB investigation to Just SuperSTOL, G-HONO

Loss of control after landing, farmstrip near Market Drayton, Shropshire, 14 July 2018.


The pilot reported that he was returning to the farm strip, orientated north-west/south-east, after a local flight. The windsock indicated a wind from the west, predominantly across the strip, so he elected to land in a south-easterly direction providing a more open approach.

He planned to touchdown at a low point in the middle of the strip but landed before it on a slight downhill section. The aircraft then started to track left towards the edge of the strip, so he applied right rudder to correct this, initially with little effect. As the aircraft approached the end of the strip, while still travelling fast, he increased the rudder input. The aircraft then ground looped during which the right main gear lifted and the left wing contacted the ground.

The pilot believed he flew the approach faster than normal and the right brake was applied when the rudder was deflected. Also, having landed on the downhill section he considered he should have flown a go-around.

After downloading his GPS flight log, he discovered the aircraft had landed with a 5 kt tailwind. He added that had he monitored the wind on the GPS during the approach he may have noticed this. He also felt rushed before the flight.

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Just SuperSTOL, G-HONO 12-18

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Published 6 December 2018