AAIB investigation to Denney Kitfox Mk 4 (Modified), G-CJLM

Loss of control leading to runway excursion, Stoke Golding Airfield, near Nuneaton, 7 July 2018.


The pilot, who had 7 hours on type, was intending to conduct a single circuit of the airfield following takeoff from Runway 26. The wind was varying between 260° and 290° at less than 10 kt, based on the pilot’s assessment of the windsock. The takeoff roll started normally and the aircraft’s tail lifted off without issue. After travelling approximately 190 m, the pilot reported that the aircraft suddenly veered to the right, and he was unable to apply a correcting rudder input quickly enough to prevent the aircraft from leaving the runway. The left landing gear leg collapsed under the loads imparted by the turn and the resulting contact with the ground caused damage to the left wing, the propeller, the engine and its cowls.

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Denney Kitfox Mk 4 (Modified), G-CJLM 12-18

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Published 6 December 2018