AAIB investigation to Extra EA 300/LC, G-GOFF

Runway overrun on landing, Foxborough Farm airstrip, Norfolk, 17 June 2017.


The aircraft was being operated from Foxborough Farm Airstrip, which has a 580 m grass runway, oriented on a heading 290°M/110°M. The pilot took off for a local flight on Runway 29, estimating the wind as westerly at 7 kt. Prior to landing back at Foxborough Farm airstrip he requested the surface wind at Norwich Airport, which was 13 nm ESE of the airstrip. Norwich ATC informed the pilot that the wind at Norwich Airport was 140° at 7 kt.

The pilot did not observe the airstrip’s windsock and made an approach to Runway 11, but on landing he felt the aircraft floated longer than normal. He applied the brakes and the aircraft skipped approximately 15 ft. The pilot stated that once the aircraft had skipped, he did not consider going around to be a safe option and, approaching the end of the runway, pitched the aircraft onto its nose to further slow the aircraft. The aircraft came to rest in a low boundary hedge at the end of Runway 11.

The pilot attributed the cause of the accident as landing downwind, having not identified the local wind direction at the airstrip, different from that reported at Norwich Airport.

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Extra EA 300/LC, G-GOFF 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017