AAIB investigation to EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CGGM

Bounced landing, Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire, 8 April 2017.


The pilot reported that he had been flying in the local area and, on return to Wycombe, landed on the grass Runway 24. He normally used the parallel hard runway but it was closed as a result of an incident. The visibility was good and the wind was light.

The pilot considered that he landed too fast and consequently the aircraft bounced a couple of times, damaging the nose leg. Although the steering seemed not to be functioning correctly and there was excessive vibration, he was able to taxi to his normal parking spot on the north side of the airfield. Examination revealed extensive damage to the nose leg and surrounding structural components.

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EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CGGM 06-17

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Published 9 June 2017