AAIB investigation to EV-97 TeamEurostar UK, G-CGGM

Heavy landing, Pitsford, 6 August 2014.


The aircraft was on short finals when the pilot realised he was too slow and too low. He applied power but was unable to prevent the aircraft from landing heavily in what the pilot considered was a level attitude. The aircraft continued with the landing roll and stopped normally. A subsequent inspection revealed that the aircraft’s right wing had damage consistent with it having touched the ground.

The pilot believes that, during the heavy landing, the compressed undercarriage must have allowed the wing to come into contact with the undulating ground around the threshold of the grass strip. He considered that the heavy landing was as a result of him becoming distracted and allowing the aircraft to become too low and slow.

Download report:

EV-97 TeamEurostar UK G-CGGM 11-14.pdf

Published 10 December 2014