AAIB investigation to EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CDNG

Heavy landing, Cotswold Airport, Gloucestershire, 14 March 2016.


At the end of a flight from Shobdon Airfield to Cotswold Airport in clear but gusty conditions, the pilot landed heavily on Runway 08 after stalling in the flare. A cockpit video showed that no additional margin was added to the approach and landing speeds to allow for the gusting conditions. However, it is not conclusive that this was causal. The landing runway was wider than the runways familiar to the pilot which may have led to an illusion that the aircraft was lower than it actually was, resulting in the pilot flaring too high. Continued pitch input led to a stall resulting in the heavy landing.

The damage caused by the heavy landing did not prevent the aircraft being taxied clear. No injuries were sustained.

The pilot stated that he misjudged the flare and assessed that possible factors were the strong and gusting headwind and landing at an unfamiliar runway with an up-slope.

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EV-97 Teameurostar UK Eurostar, G-CDNG 07-16

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Published 14 July 2016