AAIB investigation to EMB-145EP, G-CKAG

Runway excursion on landing, Bristol Airport, 22 December 2017.


The flight crew were conducting an ILS Category II approach and landing on Runway 27 at Bristol Airport. On touchdown they noticed that the aircraft de-rotated sharply. The pilot flying (PF) was unable to maintain directional control during the landing roll and the aircraft ran off the left side of the runway onto the grass. At some point during the landing the throttles were moved forward, reducing the rate of deceleration. As the aircraft left the paved surface the crew realised that the landing had been carried out with the Emergency/Parking brake set. The aircraft may have remained on the runway surface but for the addition of forward thrust during the landing roll.

Following the accident, the operator introduced a revision to the Landing Checklist to require the handling pilot to confirm the parking brake is OFF.

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EMB-145EP, G-CKAG 01-19

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Published 10 January 2019