AAIB investigation to Dyn’Aero MCR01, G-CWMT

Runway excursion on landing, Old Park Farm Airfield, near Port Talbot, South Wales, 10 March 2018.


During landing after a short local flight, the pilot reported that the aircraft experienced windshear during the flare which caused the left wing to drop. He countered this, but then the right wingtip touched the ground whilst the nose was in a higher than normal attitude. The pilot added power to recover control and then landed again, but there was insufficient distance remaining to stop. The runway is approximately 340 m long. The aircraft came to rest against an earth bund at the base of a fence. The pilot was unharmed and able to vacate the aircraft normally. The aircraft was damaged beyond economical repair.

A similar accident involving windshear at the same airstrip is reported in AAIB report EW/G2013/09/14, published in the December 2013 Bulletin.

CAA Safety Sense Leaflet 12, ‘Strip Flying’, contains useful information and guidance for pilots operating at private airfields and airstrips, including: ‘DO be ready for unexpected effects from trees, barns, windshear, downdraught, etc’ and ‘…if you find a problem with turbulence or crosswind, surface or slope, do not hesitate to go around in accordance with normal aviation practice.’

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Dyn’Aero MCR01, G-CWMT 10-18

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Published 11 October 2018