AAIB investigation to Rans S6S-116 Super Six Coyote II, G-XALZ

Aircraft touched down before the beginning of the runway, Fishburn Airfield, County Durham, 25 June 2018.


The pilot had not flown for several weeks and was flying with a local instructor for some circuit practise. After completing several circuits, the aircraft was on short finals to Runway 08 when the right wing dropped. The pilot corrected the wing-drop and applied power, but the left wing then dropped and the aircraft sank before the pilot could take corrective action. The aircraft touched down just before the beginning of the runway. The left wheel caught on a slight rise and the left landing gear leg broke away. The aircraft continued to slide with the left wingtip on the ground before coming to rest at 90° to the runway centre line, approximately 10 m along the runway. Both occupants were uninjured.

The runway at Fishburn has a significant slope with the threshold of Runway 08 being at the top of the slope. With the wind from the east, the approach can be affected by turbulence and rotor effects. Both the pilot and instructor felt that G-XALZ may have been affected by this turbulence. The pilot commented that he could have made his approach higher as this would have given him more time to react to any turbulence.

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Rans S6S-116 Super Six Coyote II, G-XALZ 10-18

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Published 11 October 2018