AAIB investigation to Bell 206B Jet Ranger II, G-OAMI

Uncommanded loss in altitude resulting in autorotation and heavy landing, 3 miles WNW of Wycombe Air Park, Buckinghamshire, 10 February 2016.


Having departed Wycombe Air Park and in level flight, the helicopter suffered a rapid and uncommanded loss of altitude. The pilot, believing that there had been a loss of engine power, carried out an autorotation. The helicopter touched down with a high rate of descent which resulted in the failure of the tail boom and landing gear.

Data recorded by on-board systems showed that the engine operated normally throughout the event. A limited examination of the helicopter was unable to identify a defect within the engine or flying controls which might have caused the uncommanded loss of altitude.

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Bell 206B Jet Ranger II, G-OAMI 10-16

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Published 13 October 2016