AAIB investigation to Jodel D120A, G-BYBE

Stall on takeoff, Shobdon Airfield, Herefordshire, 10 February 2016.


The aircraft was lined up for a departure from Runway 27 (paved) with the wind from the north-west at 10 to 12 kt. The takeoff weight was 624 kg and the maximum takeoff weight was 650 kg. The pilot applied full throttle and the aircraft accelerated normally. He raised the tail and although he did not note the airspeed or engine rpm, all appeared normal to him from previous training flights. The pilot reported that the aircraft lifted off as normal and he kept it low to increase airspeed. About one-third along the runway the aircraft “wobbled” and the left wing dipped, which he raised with aileron and rudder control inputs. The pilot’s impression was that he was slow and he recalled trying to push the throttle hard forward but finding it already hard forward. The left wing dipped again, so at between 5 and 10 ft above the runway with the aircraft drifting to the left, he decided to abort the takeoff. The aircraft landed heavily in a three-point attitude and departed the left side of the runway. The aircraft continued across a rough tarmac surface, where the tailwheel was later found, traversed a grass microlight strip and then entered a field of kale where it came to rest. The pilot shut down the aircraft and both he and his passenger exited via the left and right doors respectively.

The pilot assessed the accident was caused by insufficient airspeed, a quartering crosswind and a stall.

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Jodel D120A, G-BYBE 07-16

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Published 14 July 2016