AAIB investigation to Beechcraft 35, F-BASF

Gear-up landing, Jersey Airport, 13 May 2017.


After leaving Brest, the pilot contacted Jersey Approach Control. The controller requested that he remain below 1,000 ft in the vicinity of Fremont TV mast. On reaching the mast, the controller asked the pilot to report when visual with a Cherokee aircraft. He then requested the pilot to follow the Cherokee which was being radar vectored towards Runway 26.

Realising he was closing on the Cherokee, the pilot contemplated extending the landing gear, but decided to delay this as the speed was above the 140 kt landing gear limiting speed. Once on final approach he realised that both aircraft were very close and maintained some height to avoid the Cherokee’s prop wash. The pilot was focussed intently on the Cherokee ahead and listening to the tower controller in case he was directed to go around. He was aware of the stall warner sounding, then the Cherokee finally cleared the runway and the pilot received clearance to land. The landing gear was not lowered and the aircraft landed gear-up.

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Beechcraft 35, F-BASF 09-17

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Published 14 September 2017