AAIB investigation to Breezer B600E, D-ETDK

Loss of control and deployment of ballistic recovery system, 2.5 nm NW of Oban Airport, Argyll, 2 August 2016.


The pilot of D-ETDK, who was flying in loose formation with a group of similar aircraft, slowed his aircraft to increase separation from the aircraft ahead. His aircraft then encountered an updraught from airflow over a ridge and stalled. He lost control of the aircraft and deployed the ballistic recovery system (BRS), but there was insufficient time for the aircraft to achieve a stabilised descent before it struck the ground.

The investigation concluded that the stall and subsequent loss of control were made more likely because: the aircraft was susceptible to turbulence and wind gradient because of its low inertia; the Centre of Gravity (CG) was probably behind the aft limit; and the aircraft’s speed had been reduced to maintain separation from other aircraft joining the circuit.

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Breezer B600E, D-ETDK 06-17

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Published 9 June 2017