AAIB investigation to Agusta AW139, G-VINB

Landing on wrong platform, Ravenspurn North Platform, North Sea, 20 January 2017


After reporting for duty, a change in the flying programme resulted in a requirement for the crew to fly a seven-sector shuttle at short notice. Whilst the commander reviewed the technical log and discussed some issues with the engineering department, the co-pilot completed the flight planning. The initial plan was to refuel on West Sole Alpha platform but the flight crew surmised that the seven sectors could be completed with round trip fuel. While re-planning the flight, the fourth destination was incorrectly inserted as Ravenspurn North platform rather than Ravenspurn Alpha platform. The error was not noticed and the flight proceeded to land at Ravenspurn North platform, whose helideck was not manned.

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Agusta AW139, 2.1 G-VINB 07-17

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Published 13 July 2017