AAIB investigation to EC225 LP Super Puma, G-REDW - Special Bulletin S5/2012

Investigation update to accident on 10 May 2012, 20 nm east of Aberdeen


This Special Bulletin contains information about the helicopter’s main gearbox (MGB) lubrication system and the results of an investigation into the indication of a failure of the emergency lubrication system, after it was activated by the crew. It follows publication of two earlier Special Bulletins on this accident, AAIB Special Bulletins S2/2012 and S3/2012.

This was the first occasion that the EC225 LP MGB emergency lubrication system had been operated in-service. One Safety Recommendation is made.

The investigation into the failure of the bevel gear vertical shaft in the MGB continues.

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Special Bulletin S5-2012 - EC225 LP Super Puma G-REDW 12-12

Published 16 December 2014