The UK Science and Innovation Network Japan (SIN Japan) builds and promotes strategic collaboration between Japan and the UK on key science and innovation themes.

The Science and Innovation Network Japan is the UK Government’s official representation in Japan on science and innovation issues. The team is part of the UK’s global Science and Innovation Network based in 28 countries around the world.

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For an introductory brief which covers the local Science and Innovation landscape, UK priorities and successes in Japan, read the UK Science & Innovation Network Country Snapshot for the UK (PDF, 496KB, 2 pages)


UK - Japan partnership on science and innovation

Science and innovation underpin the economies and societies of both the Japan and the UK. There is a strong history of research collaboration between our countries:

  • The UK ranks 4th among Japan’s international partners for research collaboration with almost 15,000 co-authored papers published in the period 2010-2014.
  • UK-Japanese co-authored research is also high quality, being cited almost three times more than the world average.
  • More than 8,000 researchers travel between British and Japanese universities every year, not to mention collaborations and exchanges in large national and international facilities.

Additionally, Japan is the UK’s 4th largest export market, and the UK is the top EU destination for Japanese investment. Much of this trade and investment is built on excellent science and innovation links and potential, particularly around emerging technologies in sectors like energy, life sciences, and aerospace.


Japan and the UK have strengths across an extremely broad range of science and technology areas. We focus our work based on UK’s international science and innovation policy goals including:

  • creating opportunities to work with the best in the world; exchange students and researchers; gain access to large scale international facilities
  • fostering cooperation in areas where UK and Japan can work together to help address global challenges such as infectious diseases, climate change and energy security;
  • supporting research and technology partnerships in the sectors that drive growth, particularly where these overlap with UK strengths, such as robotics, regenerative medicine and big data.

What we do

Some of the ways in which we support research collaboration and innovation partnership:

  • Organising missions and workshops for researchers and funders on specific priority topics, to broaden existing networks and create new ones;
  • Sharing information on the Japanese and UK science and innovation activity, including policy and funding opportunities;
  • Identifying opportunities for large-scale science and innovation collaboration between the UK and Japan, and facilitating government-to-government discussions for future action.

We also work closely with our colleagues in UKTI to support development of science, innovation and technology-related trade and investment opportunities between Japan and the UK.

We do not fund research, but we can help identify sources of funding to develop international partnerships. Please see our brochure “UK-Japan Science and Innovation Collaboration: Sources of Funding” for more details.


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