Volunteer placements, rights and expenses

Coronavirus (COVID-19) volunteering

There are different ways to volunteer during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic depending on whether you can go out.

Volunteering if you’re not at high risk

You can volunteer if:

You can:

  • shop for food and medicine (online, or in person)
  • deliver food and medicine
  • help with food banks and homeless services

To apply, volunteer through your local council. Find your council’s website and search for information about volunteering during coronavirus.

You can also apply to volunteer through a charity or organisation.

Volunteer to help the NHS

To volunteer if you’re a doctor or nurse, visit NHS England or contact your local hospital trust.

If you want to give blood, read the guidance about donating blood during the coronavirus pandemic.

You cannot apply to help the NHS through its volunteer responder scheme at the moment. It’s temporarily closed.

Other ways anyone can help

You can donate to the National Emergency Trust whether or not you’re at high risk.

Volunteer the help of your business

You can offer support from your business to help with the response to coronavirus.