When you cannot use the service

You cannot use the premium service if you’re applying under Tier 1 (Investor).

You cannot use the premium or super premium service if you’re:

  • waiting for a decision on a visa you’ve applied for
  • the family member (‘dependant’) of someone waiting for a decision on a visa they’ve applied for
  • a business person, innovator, sole representative or investor
  • a Turkish business person
  • a self-employed lawyer
  • applying under Tier 1 (Graduate Entrepreneur)
  • applying under Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)
  • applying for Stage 1 endorsement under Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent)
  • a seaman
  • a Gurkha
  • a retired person of independent means
  • an elderly dependant
  • still in the armed forces and exempt from immigration rules and requirements
  • a member of a diplomatic mission or one of their dependants
  • charged with a crime and waiting to go to court
  • someone whose case is complex because of personal circumstances
  • someone whose case is not covered by the Immigration Rules
  • sponsored by a member of staff at a premium service centre
  • applying for a Home Office travel document
  • applying for naturalisation or registration as a UK national
  • applying as a victim of domestic violence
  • applying for an European Economic Area (EEA) residence card or permanent residence card
  • applying for an EEA registration certificate as an unmarried partner
  • applying for an EEA registration certificate and you’re not a qualified person
  • applying for proof of a right of abode

You also cannot use the premium or super premium service if you’re applying for discretionary leave to remain, settlement as a refugee or humanitarian protection unless:

  • you’re applying under the transitional arrangements to extend your discretionary leave after 3 years
  • you’re applying to settle in the UK after 6 years discretionary leave

Applying for registration certificates

EEA nationals

If you’re an EEA national you cannot include your family in your application. They must apply separately by post as an EEA family member or an EEA extended family member.

Croatian nationals

If you’re a Croatian national, you can only include your EEA family in your application if they’re your:

  • spouse or civil partner
  • child or grandchild aged under 21

Family who are not EEA nationals, other relatives and unmarried partners must apply by post as non-EEA family of a Croatian national.

Applying to settle if you’ve spent time in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man

You cannot apply in person if you’re applying for settlement in one of the categories below, and your continuous residence period includes time spent in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

The categories are:

  • tiers 1, 2, 4 and 5
  • work outside the points-based system, for example work permit holder, overseas domestic worker in a private household
  • UK ancestry

Applying on behalf of other people

You usually cannot apply on behalf of someone else at a premium service centre.

In exceptional circumstances (for example if someone is physically unable to attend for health reasons) you can submit an application on another person’s behalf if you’re their husband, wife, civil partner, sister, brother, parent or legal guardian. You must carry a letter of authorisation signed by the applicant.

Legal representatives cannot use the premium service on behalf of clients unless they’re registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner and have sent the Home Office a written request.