Use the super premium service

The super premium service is a mobile service.

It means that:

  • a courier will collect your application forms and documents
  • premium service staff will visit you to get your biometric information (fingerprints and photo) and your signature

You’ll usually get a decision on your application within 24 hours.

You can choose the location and time of the visit (between midday and 3pm, Monday to Friday).

Who can use this service

You must be in the UK and applying to:

  • extend your stay (known as ‘limited leave to remain’)
  • settle permanently (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’)

You can use this service for 4 main applicants and a maximum of 10 people per visit.

You cannot use the super premium service if you’re applying for a registration certificate.


The fee for this service is £10,500 per visit, plus the premium service fee for your application type.

How to apply

Contact the mobile coordinator to check if you’re eligible to apply and to book an appointment.

You’ll be sent an ‘initial contact form’ if you’re eligible. You’ll also be given a phone number so you can contact the mobile co-ordinator.

You should then:

  • complete and return the initial contact form within 2 days
  • wait for confirmation of your appointment before downloading and completing the super premium application form

Do not send the application form until you’ve been told to do so.