4. Book an appointment

You must book an appointment to apply in person at a premium service centre.

For a family group of 12 or more, book by phone on 0300 123 2241.

You must pay the following fees per person when you book your appointment:

  • £400 application fee which includes the £100 booking fee
  • the fee for your visa type
  • the healthcare surcharge (if you need to pay it)

At your appointment

You must arrive for a security check 15 minutes before your appointment.

After the security check, you must provide the following at the reception:

  • your payment confirmation
  • your completed application form
  • all necessary supporting documents for your visa application
  • your IHS reference number (if you need one)

Your ‘biometric information’ such as fingerprints and a photograph will be taken at your appointment.

Who you can bring to an appointment

Any dependants named on your application must come with you to your appointment.

You can also bring any other people you need at your appointment, eg carers, family members or legal representatives.

How long it takes

You’ll be told on the day:

  • how long it’ll take to process your application (most applications are processed within 2 hours 30 minutes)
  • whether your application can be processed that day - and, if it can’t, what your options are

If your application can be completed that day:

  • your documents will be given back to you
  • your biometric residence permit will be ordered (it will take 7 to 10 days to arrive)

You can wait while your application is being processed, or leave and come back later.

Your biometric residence permit will be sent to your home address unless you tell the the premium service centre to send it somewhere else.

If your appointment is cancelled

Your appointment may be cancelled and you won’t get a refund of the £100 booking fee if:

  • you applied to use the service but weren’t eligible
  • you didn’t bring the right documents or a completed application form
  • you cancelled your appointment too late - unless there were exceptional circumstances, eg a medical emergency or severe weather
  • you didn’t pay the healthcare surcharge (or didn’t pay the right amount) and you weren’t exempt from paying

If you want to cancel or reschedule your appointment

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment using your online UK Visa and Immigration services account.

You must:

  • cancel at least 5 working days before your appointment
  • reschedule at least 48 hours before your appointment

You’ll be refunded the full fee for cancellations made at least 5 working days before your appointment.

You don’t need to pay the fees again if you reschedule your appointment.

Refunds for missed appointments and cancellations

You must send an email to ask for a refund.

You must include:

  • your name
  • payment number (this will be on your payment confirmation)
  • booking reference number (this will be on your confirmation email)
  • name of the person who paid the fee (if it wasn’t you)
  • why you cancelled (if you cancelled within 5 days of your appointment)
  • IHS reference number (if you have one)

You can only get a refund of the £100 booking fee if you missed your appointment for a certain reason, for example:

  • a medical emergency
  • a family emergency
  • severe weather
  • travel disruptions

Refunds can take up to 4 weeks and are paid onto the credit or debit card used to make the original payment.