1. Overview

You must apply in person at a premium service centre if you want a decision on the same day as you apply to extend your visa or settle in the UK.

You must be applying from within the UK to use this service.

Most applications are processed the same day if all the information needed is brought to your appointment.


You must pay £400 to apply at a premium service centre, in addition to the standard application fee and the healthcare surcharge (if you need to pay it).

You don’t have to pay the premium service fee if you’re applying for an EEA registration certificate or to work in the UK as a Croatian national.

Your application may take longer than a day if extra checks are needed. If your application is delayed for other reasons, eg IT problems or a fire evacuation, you may be able to get a refund of the premium service fee.

Not all types of application can be made in person.

Book an appointment

Check if you’re eligible to apply for the premium service.

If you’re eligible, you need to:

A mobile service called the super premium service is also available for an extra fee.

Premium service centres were previously called public enquiry offices (PEOs).