Rolling stock (passenger trains)

Investment, development and maintenance of passenger trains and fleets.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Competition guidance SBRI first of a kind round 2: demonstrating tomorrow’s stations and a greener railway
  2. Thameslink rolling stock project
  3. Thameslink rolling stock and depot agreements
  4. Draft Intercity Express Programme train layouts
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News and communications

  1. New £48 billion funding for Britain’s railways
  2. More seats for rail passengers as nearly £1 billion is invested in Midlands services
  3. New improvements for rail passengers in Wales, the midlands and the north
  4. Rail update: bi-mode train technology
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. Rolling Stock Leasing Market Investigation Order 2009: review
  2. Rolling stock perspective 2018: DfT's aspirations for the rail sector
  3. Rolling stock perspective 2017: DfT's aspirations for the rail sector
  4. Rolling stock perspective 2016: DfT's aspirations for the rail sector
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Transparency and freedom of information releases

  1. Intercity Express Programme trains
  2. Meetings between the Secretary of State for Transport and Bombardier
  3. Internal reworking of Voyager and Class 170 fleets
  4. Hitachi Super Express Train and resubmission of FOI request 8457
  5. Thameslink rolling stock OJEU notice
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