Transport support services for disabled people

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You can give National Rail train companies advance notice if you think you’ll need any help from staff.

You can also check if a station has accessible facilities.

Wheelchairs on trains

On mainline (intercity, suburban and cross-country) trains there’s space for your wheelchair. Put your chair in this space and use the brakes (or switch your wheelchair’s power off) when the train’s moving.

How to get help

All licensed train companies must be able to tell you:

  • what services and facilities are available
  • how to get assistance - including when there are disruptions

This is called an Accessible Travel Policy (ATP). You can get a copy of an ATP from the train company.

Disabled person’s railcard

If you’re eligible you can get up to a third off rail tickets by applying for a disabled person’s railcard. You must provide evidence of a relevant disability.

Report a problem

If you’re unhappy with the help you get, complain to the train company directly.

If you cannot resolve the complaint, you may be able to complain to the Rail Ombudsman. They can only consider complaints about companies that have joined the Rail Ombudsman scheme.