Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa

3. Documents you must provide

When you apply you’ll need to provide:

  • your certificate of sponsorship reference number
  • a bank or building society statement or letter that shows you have enough personal savings (unless your certificate of sponsorship shows your sponsor can support you)
  • a current passport or travel document to prove you can travel - you need a page in your passport that’s blank on both sides for your visa
  • expired passports or travel documents if you need them to show your travel history
  • your tuberculosis test results if you’re from a listed country

To find out all the documents that are accepted, read the guidance on supporting documents.

You may need to provide additional documents depending on your circumstances.

If your documents aren’t in English or Welsh you’ll need to send a certified translation.

Proof you’ve worked for your employer outside the UK

After you apply you might be asked to prove you’ve worked for your employer for a certain amount of time.

The length of time depends on what visa you’re applying for:

  • Long-term Staff earning £73,000 or less - 12 months
  • Long-term Staff earning more than £73,000 - no minimum time
  • Short-term Staff - 12 months
  • Graduate Trainee - 3 months

If you’re asked, you’ll need to show you’ve been paid by your employer over this time period. You can provide:

  • original printed payslips
  • copies of online payslips supported by a letter from your sponsor signed by a senior staff member
  • bank or building society statements
  • a building society pass book