Gambling duties

Different gambling duties are included in the cost of:

  • bingo
  • casino games
  • betting at a bookmaker’s
  • pool betting, for example football pools
  • lottery tickets
  • fruit or quiz machines
  • online or telephone gambling

Gambling duty rates

The rate and type of gambling duty depends on the type of gambling.

Type of gambling Duty Rate
Bingo Bingo Duty 10%
Casino games Gaming Duty Between 15% and 50%, depending on how much money the casino makes
Normal betting at a bookmaker’s General Betting Duty 15%
Financial spread betting General Betting Duty 3%
Other types of spread betting General Betting Duty 10%
Pool betting (for example football pools) Pool Betting Duty 15%
National Lottery tickets Lottery Duty 12%
Fruit or quiz machines with a prize up to £10 that cost up to 20 pence to play Machine Games Duty 5%
All other fruit or quiz machines Machine Games Duty 20%
Online or telephone gambling Remote Gaming Duty 15%