Stewart Ford, Mark Owen and Peter Johnson v The Financial Conduct Authority: FS/2014/0012 FS/2014/0013 FS/2014/0016

Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery decision of Judge Berner on 2 May 2015.

Read the full decision in Stewart Owen Ford, Mark John Owen and Peter Francis Johnson v The Financial Conduct Authority: Decision FS/2014/0012 FS/2014/0013 FS/2014/0016.

DECISION NOTICE – publication – whether Tribunal should prohibit publication on grounds that the consequence of such publication would cause disproportionate damage and outweigh the public interest served by the principle of open justice – whether exceptional circumstances – whether prejudice to other claims made by applicants – whether significant likelihood of conduct of others following publication which could cause disproportionate damage to the applicants – whether Tribunal should direct that references should not be included in the Register - FSMA 2000, s 391 – Tribunal Rules, rule 14(1) and Sch 3, para 3(3).

Published 1 December 2016