Fox Hayes v The Financial Services Authority: FIN/2006/0015

Upper Tribunal Tax and Chancery decision of Judge Brice, Member Farquharson and Member O’Neill on 24 September 2007.

Read the full decision in Fox Hayes v The Financial Services Authority: FIN/2006/0015.

FINANCIAL PROMOTIONS – approval of non-real time financial promotions for unauthorized overseas persons – whether Applicant was able to show that it had taken reasonable steps to ensure that promotions clear, fair and not misleading – yes – whether Applicant had no reason to doubt that the overseas persons would deal with customers in the UK in an honest and reliable way – yes until mid-November 2003 but no thereafter – whether Applicant arranged for confirmation (that the promotions complied with the rules) to be carried out by an individual with appropriate expertise – yes – whether Applicant conducted its business with due skill, care and diligence – yes - whether penalty of £150,000 excessive – further submissions invited - FSMA 2000 Ss 21, 138 and 206 – Conduct of Business Rules 3.6.1; 3.8.4; 3.12.6; Principles for Businesses, Principle 2.

Published 1 December 2016