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Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV)

  1. Low-emission vehicles eligible for a plug-in grant

    Check which electric (plug-in) and hybrid cars, vans and motorbikes are available for a grant.

  2. Workplace Charging Scheme application form

    Form for businesses, charities and public sector organisations to apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme.

  3. Apply for EVHS and WCS chargepoint model approval

    For manufacturers to apply for approval of chargepoint models under the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or the Workplace Charging Scheme.

  4. Apply for an electric vehicle charge point discount for your workplace

    Apply for Workplace Charging Scheme vouchers to get a discount on buying and installing electric vehicle charge points at your workplace

  5. Workplace Charging Scheme: grant claim form for installing charging equipment

    Portal for authorised OLEV installers to claim the grant on behalf of the applicant workplace.

  6. Ultra-low emission bus scheme: application and guidance 2018

    Application form and guidance on funding eligibility for the ultra-low emission bus scheme, submission deadline June 2018.