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From Closed organisation: Better Regulation Delivery Office (BRDO)
  • Local regulation: economic development and regulation

    Executive summary of report.

  • Primary Authority evaluation: fire safety pilots

    Compares 2 pilot approaches to the extension of Primary Authority to fire safety.

  • Risk assessment: information sharing

    Assessment of the value derived from information sharing about risk between regulators.

  • Local regulation: map of the landscape in Wales

    A map of the Welsh local regulatory landscape

  • Local regulation: public health outcomes

    Explores how effective regulation can contribute towards improved public health outcomes.

  • Business regulation: regulatory-type burdens

    Executive summary of report.

  • National enforcement priorities for Wales: progress report

    Assesses the use of existing data to demonstrate progress towards the priorities.

  • National enforcement priorities for Wales: dashboards

    Identifies measures to demonstrate progress towards the priorities.

  • Research into diverse businesses

    Assesses the experiences of diverse businesses with local regulation.

  • Local regulation: data collection from Welsh regulatory services

    Looks at the use of the data generated by regulatory services of Welsh councils.

  • The citizen in regulation

    Looks at the extent to which the citizen can be brought into the process of regulation.

  • Business regulation: 'use by' dates

    Reviews and clarifies the regulation of 'use by' date labelling.

  • Business regulation: age restricted products

    Reviews the regulation of age restricted products.

  • Local regulation: retail enforcement pilot

    Highlights the lessons learned during the retail enforcement pilot and assesses the methodology.

  • Local regulation: data collection from regulatory services

    Identifies the data collected from regulatory services of councils.

  • Local regulation: addressing national threats

    Assesses the restrictions on targeting local resources at national threats.

  • Local regulation: outcomes and impacts

    A process for regulatory services of councils to highlight the results of their work.

  • Local regulation of alcohol: protecting young people

    Successful initiatives to reduce underage sales of alcohol.

  • National enforcement priorities in England: progress report

    Gives examples of good practice by 7 councils.

  • Local regulation: map of legislation

    Shows the range of legislation enforced by local authorities.