What we do

BRDO is working towards a regulatory environment in which businesses have the confidence to invest and grow and citizens and communities are properly protected. We do this by operating Primary Authority to ensure consistent regulation, improving the professionalism of front-line regulators, and giving businesses a say in their regulation.


We are responsible for:

  • giving policy advice to UK and welsh ministers
  • operating Primary Authority, which allows businesses to have a single local authority as their point of contact for regulation
  • working with stakeholders to make sure regulation is clear, proportionate and effective
  • developing tools and resources for regulators and businesses
  • ensuring the concerns of business are heard and influence policy
  • helping regulators and businesses work together to solve local issues through local enterprise partnerships and other means
  • providing a tailored work programme in Wales
  • providing technical assistance to other countries


For 2014 our priorities are to:

  • manage the extension and expansion of Primary Authority in 2013 to include many more businesses, achieving more participation, and cover more regulations
  • embed the new Regulators’ Code and support the proposed growth duty
  • encourage professional development and culture change by regulators, improving the way businesses experience regulation
  • highlight issues raised by our forum for business engagement - the Business Reference Panel - and translate them into actions
  • extend the Better Business for All programme through local enterprise partnerships and other means

Who we are

BRDO was created on 1 April 2012 as an independent unit within BIS. We operate across the United Kingdom from our base in central Birmingham.

We work on these topics

  1. Regulation reform

    Excessive bureaucracy stifles businesses, voluntary organisations and individuals. We will remove unnecessary red tape to encourage economic growth and increase personal freedom and fairness. Read more

  2. Business and enterprise

    The government is working to create the right conditions for companies to thrive and make it easier for people to start successful new businesses. Read more


Our announcements

Our consultations

  1. Primary Authority statutory guidance

    • 24 June 2013
    • Consultation outcome
  2. Amending the Regulators' Compliance Code

    • 8 March 2013
    • Consultation outcome

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Our publications

  1. Regulators' Code

    • 6 April 2014
    • Statutory guidance
  2. Joint statement of commitment

    • 12 February 2014
    • Corporate report

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Our management

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