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  1. Initial teacher education curriculum research

    Our research team carried out a two-phase study on initial teacher education (ITE) curriculum during the spring and summer terms 2019.

  2. Exploring moving to home education in secondary schools

    This exploratory study investigates the steps that parents, local authorities and schools take in order to move children from secondary school to home education.

  3. Inspection of local authority children’s services framework: implementation review

    This report evaluates the extent to which the inspection of local authority children’s services (ILACS) framework has been implemented as intended.

  4. Knife crime: safeguarding children and young people in education

    Ofsted carried out a research project on knife crime in education.

  5. Annual teachers survey

    Findings from online surveys conducted by YouGov on behalf of Ofsted on teachers' awareness and perceptions of Ofsted.

  6. Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI): annual Ofsted report letters

    Annual Ofsted report letters on the quality of the inspections and reports by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

  7. Teacher well-being at work in schools and further education providers

    The report and analysis of teacher well-being across different roles and settings.

  8. Multi-academy trusts: benefits, challenges and functions

    An investigation into multi-academy trusts: how their central vision and approaches influence day-to-day practice in schools and their impact.

  9. Education inspection framework: overview of research

    These papers present the research evidence underpinning Ofsted's proposed education inspection framework.

  10. Inspecting education quality: lesson observation and workbook scrutiny

    These reports look into reliable and valid methods for inspectors to assess the quality of education using lesson observation and workbook scrutiny.

  11. Welfare and duty of care in Armed Forces initial training

    Ofsted’s annual reports on the effectiveness of welfare and duty of care for recruits and trainees in Armed Forces initial training.

  12. Joint inspections of child exploitation

    Guidance for inspectors on carrying out joint targeted area inspections (JTAIs) of local area services and links to the inspection reports.

  13. Off-rolling: exploring the issue

    This research looks at teachers’ awareness of, and views about off-rolling.

  14. Joint inspections of the response to child sexual abuse in the family environment

    Joint targeted area inspection guidance on the multi-agency response to child sexual abuse in the family environment.

  15. Retaining Ofsted's current grading system in education

    This report sets out the arguments and evidence for keeping Ofsted's existing 4-point grading system.

  16. Annual parents survey

    Findings from online surveys conducted by YouGov on behalf of Ofsted on parents' awareness and perceptions of Ofsted.

  17. Ofsted standards for official statistics

    Ofsted's official statistics follow the standards defined in the UK Statistics Authority Code of Practice for Statistics.

  18. Social care common inspection framework: implementation review

    An overview of Ofsted’s work to review the implementation of the social care common inspection framework (SCCIF).

  19. Social care questionnaires 2018: what children and young people told Ofsted

    Ofsted uses questionnaires to capture views about social care settings, including children’s homes, boarding schools and living with foster carers and adopters.

  20. Intention and substance: primary school science curriculum research

    This short findings paper provides deeper insight into the data collected from Ofsted's research programme.