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  1. Recipients of Energy Entrepreneurs Funding

    Details of the winners of the BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

  2. Newton Fund: building science and innovation capacity in developing countries

    Information on the Newton Fund and the fund's partner countries.

  3. BioMed Academy builds British-Polish innovation partnerships

    British Embassy Warsaw in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University organised a one-week upskilling programme for Polish medtech start-ups.

  4. Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund annual report 2017 to 2018

    Activities of the Newton Fund and Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) from 2017 to 2018.

  5. ICAI review of the Newton Fund: government response

    Government response to the Independent Commission for Aid Impact’s (ICAI) review of the Newton Fund.

  6. Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    This white paper sets out plans to transform the UK’s regulatory system to support innovation while protecting citizens and the environment.

  7. Artificial Intelligence Sector Deal

    A Sector Deal between government and the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector.

  8. UK International Research and Innovation Strategy

    This strategy sets out how we will collaborate internationally to tackle global challenges and support economic growth.

  9. Forensic science strategy

    The government's vision for forensic science in the criminal justice system.

  10. Future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation: call for evidence

    Professor Sir Adrian Smith is providing independent advice to government on the design of future UK funding schemes for international collaboration, innovation and research.

  11. University Enterprise Zones

    A scheme aimed at encouraging greater interaction between universities and business to increase innovation and growth.

  12. SIN Poland celebrated 2018 as UK-PL Year of Entrepreneurship, Science and Innovation

    Throughout the year SIN Poland delivered and supported the implementation of numerous projects and joint initiatives in the UK and in Poland.

  13. Site Evaluation - How we will evaluate sites in Wales

    A public consultation related to the search for a suitable site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF)

  14. Will tax simplification still be needed as technology advances?

    Today, the Office of Tax Simplification publishes a discussion paper on the implications of using technology to simplify tax.

  15. Gwerthuso Safleoedd - Sut byddwn yn gwerthuso safleoedd - Nghymru

    Ymgynghoriad cyhoeddus yng nghyswllt y gwaith o chwilio am safle addas ar gyfer Cyfleuster Gwaredu Daearegol (GDF)

  16. Impact Assessment Summary: Principia Education Campaign

    A summary report measuring the effectiveness of the Principia education campaign and its impact on the nation.

  17. Impact Assessment: Principia Campaign

    A report measuring the effectiveness of the Principia campaign and its impact on the nation.

  18. UK participation in Horizon 2020: UK government overview

    An overview of the UK’s relationship with Horizon 2020 followed by a Q&A, which clarifies the UK’s eligibility to participate in Horizon 2020.

  19. UK bioeconomy: call for evidence

    We're seeking views on the bioeconomy to help shape a UK strategy.

  20. Bioeconomy strategy: 2018 to 2030

    The approach that government, industry and the research community will take to harness the power of bioscience and biotechnology.