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Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)

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  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Business Plan 2019 to 2022

    The Business Plan sets out key activities and expected progress for all 17 of the NDA’s nuclear sites over the next 3 years.

  • Land remediation specialists embrace e-sharing

    Working together, land remediation specialists are embracing a consistent approach for cleaning up the UK's earliest nuclear sites.

  • Forward planning to ensure cement supplies

    A cross-industry initiative aims to develop technical solutions for future supplies of the cements typically used to stabilise many kinds of radioactive wastes.

  • Graphene, one for the future

    Emerging technologies such as graphene are being investigated for their potential to improve decommissioning of nuclear sites.

  • Thermal solution can reduce waste volumes

    Trials are under way to examine whether vitrification technologies could be adapted for larger quantities of mixed low/intermediate level radioactive wastes.

  • Investing in technical expertise for the future of nuclear decommissioning

    Academic research is vital for addressing uniquely complex challenges.

  • Pressure treatment for plutonium stockpile

    New approach offers potential to convert plutonium into safe, stable forms.

  • NDA radioactive waste management strategy

    This single radioactive waste strategy will apply to all radioactive waste generated within the NDA Group, including materials that may become waste at some point in the future.

  • STEM Engagement across the NDA Group

    This paper outlines Credible Options for a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) engagement strategy across the NDA Group, considering the current environment around skills and wider issues.

  • NDA archive: Nucleus (the Nuclear and Caithness Archives)

    A new facility, called Nucleus (the Nuclear and Caithness Archives), has been built in Caithness to manage the nuclear industry's records.

  • Economic Impact Assessment of Magnox sites

    An assessment of the economic impact of the 12 Magnox sites on their local economies.

  • NDA group equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2018 to 2022

    This strategy sets out NDA's equality, diversity and inclusion priorities from 2018 to 2022.

  • West Cumbria Works: a socio-economic investment project

    This support service is helping to break down barriers for west Cumbria’s unemployed, and helping them to find work.

  • Bringing new energy to local economy in southern Scotland

    An initial investment £1.2 million from the NDA helped to secure additional match funding from a range of sources, reaching £9 million in total and providing support for the economy of the southern Scottish belt that includes the towns of Annan, Lockerbie and Gretna.

  • Seascale community beach park project

    A project supported by LLWR to provide a safe, attractive seafront area that people in this west Cumbrian community and surrounding villages would enjoy for years to come.

  • Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Business Plan 2018 to 2021

    The Business Plan sets out key activities and expected progress for all 17 of the NDA’s nuclear sites over the next 3 years.

  • Youth Employment Scheme (North Ayrshire)

    NDA and Magnox Ltd helped fund a scheme to address high youth unemployment rates in an area affected by industrial decline following the global economic crash.

  • Investing in Business (west Cumbria)

    NDA is supporting diversification in the west Cumbrian economy, to help balance the dominance of Sellafield Ltd, its largest employer.

  • Scrabster Harbour (Caithness)

    The NDA's financial contribution helped Scrabster Harbour Trust secure additional funding from other sources to invest £20 million in developing its facilities.

  • Eryri Centre of Excellence (North Wales)

    NDA helped fund the creation of world-class visitor attractions in North Wales, an area that has been heavily reliant on its nuclear site, Trawsfynydd, which is due to close.