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Intellectual Property Office (IPO)

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  • Prosperity Fund FCO programme summaries: countries

    This page provides summaries of Cross-Government Prosperity Fund country programmes that the Foreign & Commonwealth Office delivers.

  • UK-China Cooperation on Intellectual Property

    The UK aims to promote the non-discriminatory and transparent application of IP rules within national IP regimes.

  • Intellectual Property: Satureyes Photography

    Photographer and film maker, Rick Bronks heads up Satureyes Media and shares how he protects his copyright.

  • Collective rights management in the UK

    The 2017/18 annual review of the IPO’s work monitoring collective management organisations and other licensing bodies.

  • UK implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty

    The government is seeking views on how the UK can implement the Marrakesh Treaty.

  • Intellectual Property: Tangle Teezer

    Shaun Pulfrey is a hair guru to men and women across the world, fighting the war on tangles with his patented hairbrush.

  • Intellectual Property: These Please

    Online company These Please explain how their registered designs are helping them fight the copycats.

  • Intellectual Property: Brompton

    Brompton Chief Executive Officer, Will Butler-Adams, explains how they have exploited their patents and trade marks to ensure they are market leaders.

  • Implementation of the Trade Mark Directive 2015

    The government seeks views on proposed changes to UK law resulting from the Trade Mark Directive 2015.

  • Industrial Strategy: Intellectual Property call for views

    Call for views on maximising the incentives of the Intellectual Property system to stimulate collaborative innovation and licensing opportunities.

  • Backstage Tales

    Founder and CEO of Backstage Tales talks about her business and why IP is so important.

  • Fit 2 Trip

    The founder and CEO of Fit 2 Trip talks about his company and the importance of IP.

  • Sous Vide

    Zaneta and Dr Chris Brock discuss how they worked together to create a sous vide oven.

  • Public Health England (PHE)

    Dr April Roberts and Professor S.S.

  • Government response to report on Brexit and medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin

    Command paper responding to the Health and Social Care Committee's report 'Brexit: medicines, medical devices and substances of human origin'.

  • Draft regulations concerning trade secrets

    The government is seeking views on draft regulations relating to trade secrets.

  • Implementation of the EU Portability Regulation

    The government is seeking views on the enforcement of the Portability Regulation in UK Law.

  • Application to operate an ECL scheme

    The CLA has applied to the government for a licence to operate an ECL scheme.

  • Proposed changes to statutory patents fees

    Results of the consultation and the government's plans in light of the responses received.

  • IP (Unjustified Threats) Act

    Business guidance related to the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017.