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Reviewing the designs framework: Call for views

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We are seeking views on how to make the designs framework better encourage creativity, innovation and give the UK a competitive edge

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Consultation description

Now that the UK has left the European Union (EU), we have new opportunities to ensure the UK designs framework better encourages creativity and innovation. We want creative businesses and entrepreneurs to make the most from this new flexibility and to give the UK a competitive edge. To ensure our legal framework is as competitive, up to date, and as flexible as possible, we are conducting a call for views of how the UK protects designs.

We are seeking views on whether the system is too complex and whether it is adaptable to new technologies. We also want to know how we can improve the user-experience, increase the value of the IP rights and broader accessibility to design protection.

We ask for your responses to the questions on the designs framework highlighted in the call for views. We would like evidence-based responses where possible.


Published 25 January 2022