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Open standards

Guidance and regulation

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  • Using Open Document Formats (ODF) in your organisation

    This guidance is an introduction to the Open Document Format (ODF) standard and how you can select ODF-compliant solutions.

  • Using CSV file format

    Consistent and standards-based comma-separated values (CSV) files help make data more effective and easier to share across government.

  • Find and use bus open data

    Find and use timetable, location and fares data for local bus services in England.

  • Creating and sharing spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets are a common way to share data. Use this information to help you avoid common errors, improve interoperability and create more accessible spreadsheets.

  • Make use of open standards

    Use open standards to build technology that is easier to expand and upgrade, and make sure it communicates with other technology.

  • Choosing open standards for government

    Find out how the government chooses open standards, and how you can suggest open standards, to improve services for users.

  • Publish bus open data

    Bus operators and local authorities in England must use this service to publish bus timetable, location and fares data.

  • Publish reference data for use across government

    Share your reference data for use in projects and services outside your organisation.

  • Recommended open standards for government

    Information about the open standards recommended for use in government technology.

  • Managing your API alpha

    How you can test and manage your API when it is in alpha development.

  • Competition: developing the Royal Navy’s autonomous underwater capability

    £2.5m is available to fund solutions that inform future capability and understanding of the utility of XLUUVs

  • Terms and conditions for Open Standards Board members

    You must agree to these terms and conditions to be a member of the Open Standards Board.

  • Managing APIs to meet user needs

    This guidance covers how to run your API as a service, including building the team you will need and the lifecycle of your API

  • Procurement Policy Note 07/15: open standards for technology

    This Procurement Policy Note (PPN) [and guidance / documents] is now out of date