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Homes England

  1. Homes England Help to Buy: equity loan calculator and guidance

    The calculator and associated policy have been developed to support long term sustainability of equity loan investments.

  2. Capital Funding Guide

    The Capital Funding Guide (CFG) contains the rules and procedures for all providers delivering affordable housing through one of Homes England's affordable homes programmes.

  3. 1. Help to Buy: Shared Ownership

    This chapter sets out the our requirements that apply to grant funded Help to Buy: Shared Ownership schemes.

  4. Home Building Fund

    Information about the Home Building Fund and what we will need to consider your application for funding.

  5. Help to Buy equity loan participation and registration pack

    Information for developers and house builders wishing to register to participate in the Help to Buy scheme, including guidance video on how to apply.

  6. Homes England Land Hub

    The Land Hub lists the sites available for development or disposal by Homes England.

  7. 7. Grant Recovery - Registered Provider

    This chapter sets out the grant recovery and recycling requirements for all Registered Providers and includes Homes England's Recovery of Capital Grants and Recycled Capital Grant Funds General Determination 2017.

  8. Find Homes England land

    The Land Development and Disposal plan is now the Homes England Land Hub.

  9. Help to Buy (equity loan): funding administration agreement

    The standard contract that developers and house builders will be required to enter in to.

  10. Help to Buy: equity mortgage example

    The standard form of mortgage deed that individuals buying a home using a Help to Buy: equity loan will enter into.

  11. Move On Fund

    The Government is making available £50million across England (outside London) up to 2020/21 through the Move On Fund.

  12. 4. Housing for Rent

    This chapter sets out the procedures and conditions which must be followed by providers progressing schemes for rent, including Affordable Rent and Social Rent.

  13. 10. Finance

    This chapter sets out the conditions and procedural requirements for the use of public subsidy.

  14. Garden communities

    Large scale new developments that will create well-planned, sustainable places for people to live.

  15. Development appraisal tool

    The development appraisal tool reviews the viability of an individual development site.

  16. Technical and Property Frameworks

    Homes England maintains a number of technical framework panels to help with the delivery of its programmes.

  17. Compliance Audit

    Compliance Audit applies to organisations receiving funding under Homes England affordable housing programmes to ensure that policies, funding conditions and procedures are followed.

  18. Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programme 2016 to 2021: prospectus

    This prospectus invites applications for up to £4.7 billion of funding to increase the supply of new shared ownership and affordable homes.

  19. 6. Programme Management

    This chapter sets out our requirements in relation to management of a provider’s approved allocation funded through one of Homes England's affordable homes programmes.

  20. Community Housing Fund: prospectus

    Information and guidance for organisations interested in making bids to the Community Housing Fund.