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HM Prison Service (HMPS)

  1. Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)

    Assess and manage the risks posed by sexual and violent offenders: guidance for the police, prison service and probation trusts.

  2. Get help with prison visits

    Get help with prison visits with the Assisted Prison Visits Scheme.

  3. NOMS graduate programme

    Find out how the NOMS graduate programme is structured, the career paths it opens up and the qualities you'll need to secure your place.

  4. HMPPS careers

    Prison jobs, including prison officer, operational support and instructor roles in HM Prison Service.

  5. Support for professionals working with offenders

    The National Information Centre on Children of Offenders (NICCO) is a support service for professionals who work with the children and families of offenders.

  6. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 1: MAPPA

    Guidance for police, prison and probation staff on their duties under the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA).

  7. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 2: Safeguarding children

    Guidance for police, prison officers, probation staff, youth offending teams and secure training centres on safeguarding children.

  8. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 9: Risk of harm

    Guidance for prison staff on assessing and managing the risk of prisoners to members of the public and other prisoners.

  9. Smoke Free Policy Framework

    Mandatory actions for prison staff regarding the smoking cessation provision and alternative supportive options to smoking.

  10. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 3: Sexual offender registration

    Guidance of prison staff on managing sexual offenders in custody and when releasing them or transferring them to another prison.

  11. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 11: Inappropriate materials

    Guidance for prisons on controlling access to illegal, obscene, offensive or unsuitable publications, videos, games or other materials.

  12. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 6: Harassment procedures

    Guidance for prison staff on preventing prisoners from harassing their victims from prison.

  13. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 8: Joint national protocol

    Guidance for police, probation officers and prison staff on the protocol for supervising, releasing and recalling offenders on licence.

  14. Changing Lives Together

    Resources for HMPPS partner organisations to contribute to HMPPS Changing Lives Together campaign

  15. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 4: Disqualification orders

    Guidance for prison staff on dealing with prisoners who have been given disqualification orders preventing them from working with children.

  16. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 5: Critical public protection cases

    Guidance for probation staff on referring a sensitive, high-profile or high-risk case to a Public Protection Unit.

  17. Arrange for offenders to meet their victims

    Find out about how to plan and manage meetings between offenders and their victims, sometimes called 'restorative justice'.

  18. Public Protection Manual, Chapter 7: Foreign nationals

    Guidance for prison staff on protecting the public when managing offenders who may be removed or deported from the country.

  19. Guidelines for services commissioned by NOMS

    Commissioning intentions and service specifications for providing services for offenders, defendants, victims and the courts.

  20. Access to Digital Evidence (A2DE)

    This Policy Framework explains the process for prison staff around the provision of Access to Digital Evidence Equipment (A2DE).