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HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS)

  1. Fees in the Civil and Family Courts - main fees (EX50)

    Find out the main fees if you need to make a money claim, get a divorce, or you are involved in another type of case in the Civil or Family Courts. (EX50)

  2. Magistrate advisory committee recruitment information

    Details of vacancies and where to apply to be a magistrate in your area.

  3. Court of Appeal cases fixed for hearing (Criminal Division)

    List of cases provisionally fixed for hearing in the Court of Appeal Criminal Division.

  4. Solicitors' guideline hourly rates

    Guideline figures for carrying out a summary assessment of court costs, listed by pay band and grade for different parts of the country.

  5. Family court applications that involve children (CB1)

    What to expect in family legal proceedings and which orders you can apply for.

  6. Immigration and asylum daily court lists

    Please note: where possible the daily court lists will be updated for the following day between midday and 5pm

  7. Employment tribunal offices and venues

    Addresses and contact details for employment tribunal offices and hearing centres in England, Wales and Scotland.

  8. CE-File system information and support advice

    Guidance and support for people wanting to file documents online in the Business and Property Courts or for claims and appeals in the Queen’s Bench Division in the Royal Courts of Justice.

  9. Directory of probate registries and appointment venues (PA4SOT)

    Directory of probate registries and appointment venues.

  10. HMCTS Civil Business Centres performance information

    Details of processing or reply times for work at the County Court Money Claims Centre (Salford) and the County Court Business Centre (Northampton).

  11. Appeal to the Court of Appeal Civil Division

    How to appeal a county court, High Court or tribunal decision to the Court of Appeal.

  12. Guide to jury summons

    What to do if you're sent a jury summons form.

  13. Employment tribunal procedure rules

    Rules on how cases are handled in employment tribunals, from starting a claim to what happens at a hearing.

  14. I have a decree nisi/conditional order - what must I do next? (D187)

    I have a decree nisi/conditional order - what must I do next?

  15. Probate fees from July 2019 (PA3)

    Probate fees (from July 2019).

  16. How to appeal a decision by DWP (SSCS1A)

    What you need to do to appeal a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) decision about social security benefits or child maintenance.

  17. The respondent has replied to my petition - what must I do? (D186)

    The respondent has replied to my petition - what must I do?

  18. Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012 (amended)

    The current Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme 2012 (amended), which applies from 13 June 2019 onwards. Includes a link to previous Schemes.

  19. Administrative Court judicial review guide

    Detailed legal guidance on bringing a judicial review case in the Administrative Court. The July 2019 edition reflects legislative and practice changes relevant to the Administrative Court over the last year.

  20. Small Claims Mediation Service (EX730)

    How to use the Small Claims Mediation Service to try and resolve a dispute without going to court.