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Guidance and regulation

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From Forestry Commission
  • Apply for grants and other funding to increase productivity, manage your land to benefit the environment and support your agricultural business.

  • What farmers, foresters and land managers need to know and do before applying for a Countryside Stewardship grant, and how to manage a grant agreement.

  • Read the guidance to help you make your claim for payment using the Rural Payments service or a claim form.

  • Get support to create woodland using the England Woodland Creation Offer.

  • Find woodland agreements, felling licences and other designations or features on any chosen area of land in England.

  • The Forestry Commission controls tree felling by issuing felling licences.

  • Information on oak processionary moth for those who own or manage oak trees, including private tree and woodland owners as well as local authorities.

  • What you must do when you keep livestock or manage land.

  • How to assess a planning application when there are ancient woodland, ancient trees or veteran trees on or near a proposed development site.

  • How to check your digital land maps and update or correct any changes made by the Rural Payments Agency.

  • Find out what's involved in creating a plan, giving you a structured way to organise the management of woodland.

  • This booklet tells you what you need to know about getting permission to fell any trees for yourself or for someone else.

  • This guidance sets out the UK governments' approach to sustainable forestry, including standards and requirements, regulations and monitoring, and reporting.

  • To help protect Britain's trees and woodland, a felling licence from the Forestry Commission is required to fell most trees.

  • Find out how to kill trees on site using chemical treatments to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

  • If you suspect anyone of illegal felling then you can check if permission exists and, if necessary, report the incident to the Forestry Commission.

  • The newly expanded Forestry and Arboriculture Training Fund covers training costs for short, practical forestry and arboriculture courses.

  • Use this guide to apply for a licence to fell growing trees using our Felling Licence Online service

  • Find information and support on woodland creation in England, including funding to create woodland, legal requirements and best practice for sustainability.

  • Find out how to import timber and wood material, including the documents, identity checks and plant health inspections required.