Forestry Commission

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  1. Mid Tier: Countryside Stewardship

    Funding and eligibility information for Mid Tier applicants for 2019 applications.

  2. RLE1 form and guidance

    Use the RLE1 form to make changes to your digital maps, register new land and transfer entitlements by sub-lease or inheritance.

  3. Tree felling licence: when you need to apply

    The Forestry Commission controls tree felling by issuing felling licences.

  4. Urban Tree Challenge Fund

    Find out what’s involved and how to apply for funding to support the planting and establishment of large and small trees in urban and peri-urban areas in England.

  5. Find a specific tree pest or disease

    Find out about a specific tree pest or disease, including its lifecycle, the type of damage it does, and what to do about it.

  6. Higher Tier: Countryside Stewardship

    Funding and eligibility information for Higher Tier applicants for 2019.

  7. Ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees: protecting them from development

    What planning authorities should consider for developments affecting ancient woodland, ancient trees and veteran trees.

  8. Identify a tree pest or disease: overview

    Find out about pests and diseases that could be affecting your trees.

  9. Apply online for a felling licence

    Use this guide to apply for a licence to fell growing trees using our Felling Licence Online service

  10. Woodland creation grant: Countryside Stewardship

    Capital grant for farmers and land managers to create woodland: find out about payment rates and the rules for the scheme.

  11. Create woodland: overview

    Find information and support on woodland creation in England, including funding to create woodland, legal requirements and best practice for sustainability.

  12. Hedgerows and Boundaries Grant: Countryside Stewardship

    Applicant information on scheme requirements and management for 2019 applications.

  13. Use the Forestry Commission map browser and Land Information Search

    Find woodland agreements, felling licences and other designations or features on any chosen area of land in England.

  14. Tree felling: overview

    To help protect Britain's trees and woodland, a felling licence from the Forestry Commission is required to fell most trees.

  15. Create a woodland management plan

    Find out what's involved in creating a plan, giving you a structured way to organise the management of woodland.

  16. Lowland Grazing Offer: Countryside Stewardship

    Find out if you're eligible to apply and read about what funding is available for the Lowland Grazing Offer in 2019.

  17. Digital maps in the Rural Payments service - check and change mapping updates

    Read how to check changes that have been made to your digital maps and what to do if you want to make changes.

  18. The UK Forestry Standard

    This guidance sets out the UK governments' approach to sustainable forestry, including standards and requirements, regulations and monitoring, and reporting.

  19. Prevent the introduction and spread of tree pests and diseases

    Find out what you can do to prevent tree pests and diseases from getting established, or to prevent or slow their spread and the damage they do.

  20. Online claims for Countryside Stewardship

    Make your claim for payment using the Rural Payments service.