Report changes to your charity's details

You must report changes to your charity to:

If you’re a community amateur sports club (CASC), you only need to tell HMRC.

The rules about telling your regulator are different if your charity is in Scotland or Northern Ireland

Changes you must report

You must wait 30 days after you’ve told HMRC about a change before making a claim, for example for Gift Aid.

You must report changes to your charity’s:

When you change your charity’s name or governing document, the Charity Commission must agree the change before you tell HMRC.

How to tell the Charity Commission

Tell the Charity Commission if you change your charity’s:

The rules are different if you’re an NHS charity or a charity with a Royal Charter. You will still need to tell HMRC about changes in the same way as other charities.

If your charity is a company

You must report changes to your charitable company’s name to:

How to tell HMRC

Tell HMRC about any change to your charity by completing form ‘ChV1 – HMRC Charities change of details’.