Register as a childminder or childcare provider (England)

What to register as

You’ll need to say what type of childcare you want to provide when you apply.

You may need to register as more than one type of provider. For example, you must register as both a childminder and a childcarer on domestic premises if you work with 3 or more other childminders or assistants on some days.

Type of childcare you want to provide What you register as
Taking care of children in a home that’s not their own (usually your own) with up to 2 other people Childminder
Caring for children of up to 2 families at the same time in their homes, for example a nanny or an au pair Home childcarer (voluntary part of the Childcare Register only)
Caring full time for children in someone’s home with at least 3 other people Childcare on domestic premises
Taking care of children outside of someone’s home (such as on school premises or at a nursery) Childcare on non-domestic premises

If you’re a childminder or provide childcare on domestic premises, you can apply to work on non-domestic premises for up to half of your time.

Registering as an organisation

You can register as an organisation, for example a partnership, company, committee or statutory body.

You must appoint a ‘nominated individual’ to make the application.

You must also make sure:

  • someone is managing the childcare (this person can’t be the nominated individual)
  • anyone working with children is suitable (for example, they must be checked by the Disclosure and Barring Service)