Become a childminder or nanny (England)

After you're registered

You must continue to meet the registration standards while you’re working as a childminder or nanny.

You’ll need to:

  • pay the annual registration fee
  • keep your details up to date
  • report any major accidents or incidents

Ofsted will inspect childminders and some nannies.

Keep your details up to date

You must tell Ofsted about any changes that affect your childcare.

You can use Ofsted Online to report changes to:

  • where you’re working
  • your contact details

If you’re a childminder

You must tell Ofsted about the changes if:

  • anyone 16 or over moves into your home
  • your childminding assistants change

Reporting accidents and incidents

Use the early years incident online form to report:

  • a serious accident, injury or illness to a child, for example food poisoning
  • allegations that someone living, working or looking after children in your household has committed serious harm or abuse
  • anything that might affect the suitability of someone on the premises to look after children
  • a child’s death

Providing other types of childcare

If you’re a childminder, you can apply to set up childcare on non-domestic premises (for example, a playgroup or after-school club). You can work here for up to half of your time.

If you want to work with 3 or more childminders or childminding assistants in your home you need to register to provide childcare on domestic premises.

If you stop working as a childminder or nanny

Contact Ofsted to resign your registration. You can still apply again in the future.

Telephone: 0300 123 1231